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Our Story

Shape Destiny aims at reaching out to people who need to unlock their potential and find purpose in their life. Life may lose meaning during difficult situations and tragedies.

Trauma and loss can greatly affect the quality of one’s life. With proper support and information, it is possible to sail through even after tragic events in our lives.

Hannah MK is seasoned author, counsellor, educator and involved in children ministry. She is the author of a Published book titled, Shape Your Destiny. She has a wide experience in dealing with vulnerable children and adults. Her knowledge and skills in trauma and loss have been acquired through her own experience and training. You can engage and benefit from this knowledge through individual counselling, group counselling, articles, publications,social media,mainstream media videos and tele-counselling.

Our Mission


Empower people to navigate life productively in all situations.

Our Vision


Contribute towards attaining a healthy society through mentorship and guiding people to achieve their purpose in life.


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