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It may sound strange but Time is what we want most, but what we use worst said William Penn.

Time being an abstract element cannot be seen and touched. It is defined as

What is measured in minutes, hours, days etc. (Oxford Advanced learner’s dictionary)

History reveals that time management is a factor known to have marked the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

What I have become now is largely because I made up my mind back in high school to manage my time well. I was brought up at the slopes of Mt.Kenya near the aberdare ranges, I used to walk to and from school bare-feet  for  a distance of 6km. my parents the late Edward  Macharia and Esther Muthoni were peasant farmers who struggled to make ends meet. It was a challenge to raise the eleven of us and many a times we lacked school fees, school uniform and basic necessities. Despite these impediments they encouraged us to work hard in school and excel in our studies. Our dad would go into the trouble of borrowing text books from our relatives after they had completed a certain grade.

The difficulties notwithstanding, I sat for my Primary Certificate Examination (K.C.P.E)   and performed fairly well. I was then admitted to  Chinga Girls’ High school. My grade could only allow me to get admitted through the second category which is today known as second selection. To be honest, I disliked the school as I felt that I could have managed a better school like a National school. Most of my time was spent in wishful thoughts. I kept hoping that somehow I could get a transfer  to another school. Studies were neglected and my mind was not focused. Harry Emersib  said that,  No gas or steam ever drives anything  unless its confined. No life ever grows great unless its focused, dedicated and disciplined. As a result, my grades were just average though I knew that I had the potential to perform well.

Before long I was in year three. This year sounded like a wake up call to me. I realized that time was progressing fast and this rang a bell in my mind. Coupled with the desire to succeed and to make my parents proud I had no time to waste in fact I needed extra time if I wished to succeed.

There was a boarding area and a tuition area in our school. There was a watchman manning the gate separating the two sections. One could only be allowed to go the tuition area at the specified time. This was a challenge to me as I planned to  wake up earlier way before the stipulated time. Starting then I was always the first to wake up for morning studies.  One day the  watchman asked me why  I was always the first to go for morning preps and I told him plainly that it was because I desired to succeed . He then told me that if surely that was my wish my determination was strong enough to enable me achieve my goal. This was his own version of  telling me that, if one advances confidently in the direction of  his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he had imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours Henry David Thoreau.

Almost immediately, my grades started to take an upward trend, to my surprise, towards the end of the year I rose to the top position in my class. We  then did the Indexing examination ranks students in order to  mark sitting arrangements during the final examinations and I was position five across the form. I had managed to beat majority of the students who had been admitted through first selection. Ultimately, I did succeed and qualified for university admission. Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along Napoeon Hill advised.

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